The Wood

The Wood is a land in the North Western part of Onlend. The Western Border is the Dragon Sea and the Bay of Wheat. The Southern Border is the Thieves Bog. The Eastern Border The Mountains of Ice. The Northern Border is the Great Northern Sea. The main source of income is from the Wheat and Lumber Trade. Weatherly and Clearwater are good ports and The Wood is protected through natural barriers.


House Woodrow of The Fist

House Woodrow is one the 10 original Lords to come to Onlend from the Old Land. House Woodrow is the Lord of The Wood. They are known for there tournies and there wars against the Bandits of The Woods "North Wood". In recent years towers have been erected to quell this issue. Castle Fist, the Woodrows ancestral home, is a husge fortress which climbs to the sky with a single tower cresting high.

 House Gardner of Whispering Grove

 House Gardner is the richest house in all The Wood. The may possible be the richest house in all Onlend. They have vast fields of wheat which they ship via the Rose River all over the world. They are an old house being one of the underlords under House Woodrow for a long time. They usually do not involve themself in the afairs of War but are very versed in the area of trade and diplomacy. The trace there ancestory back to Garth Greenhand first king of the Reach on Westroes.

 House Allared of Clearwater

House Allared is a very old house. They have commanded the port city of Clearwater for some time. The house is known for its nonconformity. The orignal Lord Allared was supposidly a pirate. When the first Lord Woodrow was sailing to Onlend he was supposidly overtaken by a band of pirates. Lord Allared  saw the oppurtunity recaptured Lord Woodrow and killed the other pirates. Lord Woodrow  gave Clearwater the first port city to the Lord Allared. 

 House Fremont of 1,000 Oaks

House Fremont gained there position through the sorties and exploits of Lord Alexander Fremont. He was given 1,000 Oaks for  killing several Outlanders of the North while  protecting and transporting Ser Gavin Woodrow II to Weatherly from Whispering Grove.

House Bennett of Whitefork 

House Bennet is a relativly young house. They were awarded Whitefork because Lord Vance Bennett killed Loa Boa Lord of the Vushong who were the natives of Onlend. The Vushong were a snake worshiping peoples who lived for many years in peace with the 10 Great Lords until they struck at CraggClaw Castle. The War of the Blood thus begun and Lord Vance Bennett ended it with Lo Boa death.  

 House Aderstone of The Sawtooth

The Sawtooth is a castle but also a series of Islands 4 long. Sawtooth Castle sits upon the biggest known as Sawtooth then 3 lesser after in sessesion. House Aderstone gained the Sawtooth do to there great sailing ability during the War of the Blood. War of the Blood was a great Cataclysm between the Vushong and the 10 Great Lords over Dragon Steel.  Dragon Steel is mind from a old Valcano. It is very strong and highly resistent to wear. the Ten great Lords created The Gaurd a military order that protects the steel. They answer to no one except the king of Onlend.

House Greenpeat of Blackbogg 

House Greenpeat started as a very minor house but over the years and several key marriges it is now one of most influential houses of northwestern Onlend. They command the Woodroad and all tolls incurred. Blackbogg castle is set in the Thieves Bogg and practically unasailable. The house is known for its piety and patience.  

House Torg of Wright Tower 

 House Torg gained Wright Tower due to the ability of its patriarch Rufus Torg. Originally Capt. of the Gaurds for House Greenpeat he raised himself to Lordship through his deeds during the Smallarm rebelion and in his ability to capture theives/ bandits in the bog. House Torg are decendents of the native Vushong which prior to the War of Blood married into the houses of the 10  Great Lords. House Torg is thus decendents of intermarried Vushong and First Men. Lord Woodrow has had the Wright Tower errected to quell the Outlanders of the Great Nothern Woods and  has placed house Torg as its liege.

House McGeorger of Fisheroc    

 House McGeorger is a house that can trace its decendents back to the Mountains and Vale of Westroes. They were a landed knight in the service of the Griffin King. When Ser Artys Arryn came to the Mountains and slew the Griffin King atop the Giants Lance the McGeorgers were also defeated. Ser Robert  "the Red"  McGeorger fled then with his sons and uncle to Onlend to be in the service of his widows father. Unfortunatly the Lord Fisherock died and now Ser Robert has been raised to Lordship over the Fisheroc.


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