How to Play The First Men

The First Men is a turn based game where 1 week real time equals 1 month game time. It is a stratagy based game played via email. It mix's the loose representation of GRRM SOIAF setting with that of the Total War stratagy games. My Role is of the Game Master.

The game is played through 2 Que's and 1 movement/diplomacy phase which occurs in that 1 month game time. The more specific you are with orders the more you will gain in game and fun. Your small council will assist you in your choices. Your small council (me) are your available advisors and there ability is what will assist you through the game. I will email you when the turn is begun with what your Small Council would advise. You can then take there advise or change the direction to whatever you want. I will then tell you about the movements/recruiting/building then I will end the turn.

1st Q is the Building Q - Accoding to the size of your castle/city will determine what items you can build. Additionally if resources are not available you may need to import goods this will take longer and be more expensive. Your Magister (me) or Steward (me) will help with this process.

2nd Q is the Recruiting Q - Accoring to the size and style of your builings will determine the ability and types of units you can create. Additionally you will need people to be recruited. You Steward (me) and Magister (me) will let you know what units you can build.  

Movement/Diplomacy Phase - This deals with men and units that you have given directions to through out your lands. Examples would be Attack, Survey, Harrass, Fortify etc... The Diplomacy section could mean. Talking among the other houses via homing pigeon (Magister), sending envoys for marriges (Steward), sending demands of homage to there liege lord etc...

Additionally you will not be alone in this world. There will be houses great and small that will be NPC and PC. You will be interacting with them either way through me and on your own everntually. Remember the more like a story you make it the more fun it will be


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