Character Building

When submitting your request please give the following:

Character name ie ... Gurdson Gurd

Physical decription ie ..... Balding Greyhaired but still thick with muscle. 6'4" 240LB. around 39 YO

Heraldry ie .... Grey dead rams skull on a blackfield.  

Family description ... Married with 2 childrem 1 Male Tormic 13 YO and Chele Female 6 YO

Brief historical account of said family (please read the history on the page so you can have a brief understanding of what is occuring) ie.... Gurdson Gurd has never taken his knights oath. He was a warrior under Lord Petrovic and gained great prominance through the Battle of Craggclaw Keep. He was awarded the Ice Tower for his prowess.

Hopefully this will aloow us to open dialoge for you to fit you family into the game. Thus creating an experience we can both enjoy.


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