The day was just beginning as the warcog White Sail pulled from harbor. At its helm was Ser Bryryn Wyngrave a stern man with a weathered look, but few men new the Bay of Wheat as Ser Bryryn. THe White Sail was the flagship of Lord Kelso's navy some twenty ships strong. Ser Bryryn had it built espesically for him and it glided through the water. 
    Our first stop on our journy would be to my new wifes home island of White Sail.

The arranged marrige was more then could have been asked. You we awarded a Lordship by the Lord Woodrow for your skill with swrod and shield. Your father could not have been more proud he was never knighted a very good fighter by all accounts and Capt of the Gaurd on Weatherly, but never being a lord. The marrige was also Lord Woodrows idea, to give some lagitamcy to your claim, he arranged the marrige between you and Lady Lynsey Wyndgrave