The History of Onlend goes back to George RR Martins A Song of Ice and Fire. During the time when the First Men were deffending there lands versus the Others some the the Great Lords of the First Men traveled to a distant land. These 10 Great Lords called this new Island Onlend. Upon arriving they helped an existing race known as the Vushong destroy another native race who called themselves the Dragon Lords. The Vushong opened the Island for all the 10 Great Lords with the exception of the Fire Forest and Dragon Island the home of the Dragon Lords great fortress Dragon Dome. This life went on for some time until the Vushong became hungrey for power and attempted to make the 10 Great Lords there subjects. The 10 Great Lords then rose up in revolt in the War of Blood. The Vushong attacked Craggclaw Castle and destroyed the house there. The 10 Great Lords then destroyed the Vushong and with the death of there leader Lo Boa they exterminated the Vushong from Onlend. During this process the last great battle took place in the Dragon Dome. Here the 10 Great Lords learned that the Vushong were using Dragon Steel as armor and weapons. Dragon Steel is extremly difficult to mine/heat/mold. It takes the absolute best armorers to accomplish this task. Dragon Steel is found in only one place Dragon Mountain which Dragon Dome is atop. The Ten Great Lords established that all of Onlend should benefit from this asset and created a special organization known as The Gaurd to watch over the Dragon Steel. the Gaurd is run by the High Marshal who answers only to the 10 Great Lords.

 The Current Date is 55 AWOB (After War of Blood)


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