The Bryn is the land located directly south of The Wood. It is a very rough land with little or no vegitation among the High Bluffs of Bryn. The table top like hills are strewn through out Bryn with potted little and large lakes thrown among them. The History of Bryn goes back to the Dragon Lords the first rulers of Onlend. They saw the Bryn and called Dazrak Ull or Land of Death. They created a prison fortress at the center of the largest lake on Onlend. Once the Dragon Lords were destroyed much of this land was not used by the Vushong until the Great Lords came and settled it.

House Matmon of Brynmor  

 House Matmon of Brynmor is the ruling house over the Bryn. House Matmon power comes from the rule of one man Lord Darius Matmon who was wealthy, powerful and ruthless. Over the years his lineage has squandered the wealth and power he once had but they are no less ruthless then he was. The devise of house Matmon is Lord Darius face iteslf.

House Dunnmuir of Stonehill 

House Dunnmuir of Stonehill are a fairly new house who have won the right to rule Stonehill through there prowess of the sword. During the War of the Blood Ser Perkin Dunnmuir was a great warrior killing many Vushong in the for Dragondome. He was with Ser Felix Bennett when Loa Boa the last Great Vushong rulers was killed. There devise is a Hawks Talon Blooded with its bells. There motto is "Let them hear before the strike". 

House Ajulik of Oakmarsh 

 House Ajulik of Oakmarsh are decendents down before or around the time of the Dragon Lords. Ajulik in the Dragon Lords tongue meant "The Watchers". House Ajulik have been the keepers of the Bogg and watchers of the marsh since the houses inception. Recently the house has been given command of a great castle Oakmarsh so now it commands its ancestoral home of Arrows End and Oakmarsh.

House O'rin of Springhaven 

 O'rin of Springhaven was recently awarded the castle of Springhaven for his fierce loyalty

House Greypyke of Greystone  

House Greypyke of Greystone Hall can trace there ancestory back to the stone mason who built the Pyke on Pyke in the Iron Islands of Westroes.  The stonemasons name was Grey the Mason he was a slave to the Greyjoys of the Pyke. They had taken him in one of there raids on the Riverlands. He labored for many years on Pyke and after creating a great castle there he was released and he boarded one of the Great Lords ships bound for Onlend. He he helped build Oakarbor, Pellvurm and Brynmor Slip. His work did not go unoticed by the ruthless Lord Darius Matmon who awarded him Lord of an island but said he needed his eyes and mouth so he could never carry on any of the secrets of those places. Grey an old man agreed and the mute blind man ruled his new castle called Greystone Hall on Greystone.

House Stoneman of Brynmor Slip  

House Stoneman of Brynmor Slip were original owners of Stonehill. They were Vushong miners who intermarried with the orginal Great Lords from Westroes. Eventually they found great wealth among the mines north of Stonehill (which are still theres). When they built a port city by the command of Lord Matmon they moved there and allowed Lord Matmon to give there old worn castle to someone else while they live in the plush estatesaround Brynmor Slip.

House Blackskye of Blackwell 

House Blackskye of Blackwell are a new house raised to lordship. Orginally Blackwell was the home of Lord Darius Matmon. The fortress is a complete island at the heart of Matmon Lake. Toran Blackskye was the Lords Justice for Lord Darius Matmon and when the new catle at Brynmore was built Lord Darius gave the island fortress to his most trusted servant Toran Blackskye. Now each Lord Blackskye is awarded the title of Master of Cells because Blackwell has a great prison attached to it that once was a Prison the Dragon Lords used for the Vushong.  


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